Task 2 – Temporal Expressions

This second task that has been given to us is to allow us to have a more expansive knowledge about the history of art and how it has had major influence on the new digital media.

Our task is to use the theme “CYCLE” to unify your experiments in the following:
1. create a joiner image in the style of David Hockney
2. produce creative photo-images which exploit long exposure (eg light painting,
motion-blur, slit-scan etc)
3. produce creative photo images or sequences which exploit short exposure (eg,
sports, frozen motion etc)

Additionally, look into tutorials on cinemagraph techniques and parallax/2.5D
techniques and create your own images on the CYCLE theme

Use your blog to reflect on and contextualise your work in terms of your aims and in
relation to your own visual and historic research.

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