Task 2 – Long Exposure Photography Outcome

I attempted to try long exposure photography with seascape as I now live in Bournemouth. I bought an ND filter from BW which suppose to help me keep my shutter speed on for a longer duration than usual. The equipments I used were:

– Canon 650D
– 50mm Lens
– Tripod
– Intervulometer

Below is my outcome:

IMG_8280This picture was taken near the Bournemouth Pier. In order to create the silhouette effect I had to decrease the shutter exposure slightly in order to capture the movement of the child on the bike. And therefore the child is moving while the background remains the same.


This picture was taken at Brighton Pier. My aim was to capture the sunset light as it fades away into the distant. I feel the patch of light makes the image looks much more impressive as the cloud would seem a but dull on its own.


This picture was taken in Bournemouth just next to the pier. For this picture I decided to face my camera towards the sunset and use a similar technique to the one above. I like this outcome the best as the colour of the sky reflecting onto the wet beach makes the image look very abstract like. the motion blur also makes it look as though it’s a painting.

All the pictures had an expose of 1 minute in order to create the motion blur effect. I also noticed how the colour of the actual image would change after exposing it for so long, which would make the picture look better in the end. The intervulometer was used in order to avoid movement on the camera when clicking the shutter.

Overall I was very pleased with my outcomes and my response to Lincoln Harrisons work with long exposure photography. I was able to learn a lot from the experiment as well as enjoyed going out there and doing it. The theme of CYCLE comes into play as the picture allows us to see the movement and cycle of nature with the sunset. There is also a child on a bike which adds a sense of humour with the name of the theme.

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