Task 2 – Joiners Outcome

As part of my temporal expression task.I was asked to create a joiners photo similar to the works of David Hockney. As a lot of his work was done using a polaroid camera and that he stuck them together manually. I have decided to take on the task by using a DSLR  and photoshop to assemble the images together.

Below is the outcome of my joiners image:

David Hockney Response

The photos were taken by Vauxhall bridge in London. I chose this composition as I really liked the building that stood by the banks of the river and the lighting was good at the time. I thought it would be interesting to involve the river into the picture as well. The only issue with the river was that the picture were out of focus. However I then thought it may look like an abstract and with the idea of motion blur from the movement of the water. This leads to the concept of the theme cycle, as water is constantly moving in a cycle.

Overall I was quite pleased with my outcome as I was able to create a joiners image using photoshop. The joiners image makes the image look much more interesting than it would without that use of technique.

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