Workshop – Adobe Illustrator & Inkscape

At today’s workshop, we were introduced to two software’s that will be required to complete the second task of our Development and Realisation unit.

We were taught the basic skills of the software such as the select tool, grouping, strokes, fill and anchor points. Below are screenshots of my experience with the two software.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.05.14first illustration

The screenshot and image above shows my experiment with Adobe illustrator and the outcome I was able to create using the tools that were taught to us.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.05.08


The screenshot and image above shows how I was able to create a cartoon figure with inkscape.

Overall I the workshop was very helpful as it allowed us to get a basic understanding of how Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape works. I learnt the importance of vector graphic designing and how it enables us to scale our prints to whatever size without it distorting. This would be ideal for our task 2 as we are asked to create an A2 poster. I found the workshop to be easy to participate in and I was able to quickly adapt myself with the software’s interface as Adobe Illustrator is similar to Adobe Photoshop. Inkscape was new to me but I was also quick to understand the different tools and command that allowed me to produce my first ever cartoon.

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