Communication Design – Poster Research

At today’s seminar we looked at how it important we look carefully about how we manage space and time, particularly when it comes designing. The seminar taught us how we can see verify 2D drawings and object with a few strokes as our brain has become familiarised with them.

We then looked at an artist called Scott McCloud,  a cartoon artist. He is known for his time framing in which determines the time period of the scene.

Below is an example of one of his work and demonstrates how we as audiences can identify the character in the comic and see that there is a time change within just one picture.

We then looked at a picture that had gaps in between them. These gaps would represent the time frame of each scenario.

Below is an example of Scott McCloud’s cartoon and how he uses gaps in his work in order to represent time.

This seminar proved to be helpful as I was able to get a better understand of visual designs and the different techniques that can effect the viewers. I also the learnt how we can view time in different ways such as a bubble speech to show detailed illustration of the time. As well as creating a larger scale timeline between two points of an existing timeline.

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