Communication Design – Flat Icons

This investigation is to help me find the icon that would be ideal for the poster. I wanted to find icons that were simple, bold and modern as that is the theme of my poster design. There are three types of icons I was looking at which would be ideal for the poster, a holiday, home and sport icon.

Below are some of the icons I looked at:





I looked at some samples of holiday icon to help me get a better understanding of the iconic images that represents a holiday. I decided that I’d use the suitcase as my icon.


Flat design: house

stock-vector-flat-design-house-189978539 (1)

I then looked at some house icons in order to get familiar with colour designs used when creating a flat design of a house.


I then looked at some sport icons. My first look was on the olympic trivia as they were a symbolic piece of graphic that was designed to represent different sports. The only issue was that after looking at the previous icons on the holidays and house I was able to identify that the olympic trivia wouldn’t compliment well with my flat design style. Therefore I looked at some sport design that were made with flat UI design.



These are a few samples of sport icons that were illustrated using flat design. I decided that because of my sport trip involving a variety of sport, I would combine several icons together and create a sport icon consisting of three sports. This will help the audience identify it as a sport and not just as a particular sport.

This investigation has helped me understand about the different types of icons that has been designed using flat illustration. It has also given me a better idea about how I’d create my icons so that it compliments well with the rest of my poster design. I want to be sure that my designs are as simple as possible but clear and effective at the same time.

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