Communication Design – Timeline

My initial thought about the design was that I would use it to illustrate my information was by using tiles, like a board game design. However I was unable to find an ideal design that would look good and illustrate my information. Therefore I decided to use a timeline instead.

In order to proceed in designing my timeline I had to decide on the different information that was going to be displayed on it. Despite the plan it was important that I kept the information to a bare minimum. Therefore I decided to make the timeline consist of only the years in which I have been alive for. The timeline would then branch off at different point in order to represent the different places I’ve been and when. The different places would be illustrated using the icons I created

Below are screenshots of how I did this.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 01.05.10

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.57.44

Timeline path Screen Shot

Once i finished the design and tried out a few techniques to illustrate the timeline. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the outcome. The information looked complicated and unclear.Therefore my next challenge was to refine my timeline.

After a long thought and a few trial and errors. I was able to identify the issue with the timeline. I decided that I had to split the two main focus points, which were the places I lived and places I visited, in order to be more clear about the information.

My new design would be inspired by this:

I would attempt to create two different timeline. It would allow the information to be more clear and less cluttered.

Below is the outcome of my latest timeline:

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 16.02.05

By creating the two separate timeline and putting the dates in between them it started to make the information more clear and less cluttered. I could now see that there were to focus but each of them were still linked with the years.

Overall I was satisfied with my final timeline despite the initial complication. However I was then able identify the issue regarding the information being displayed. My solution proved to be a success as I was able to ask a couple of my flatmates about what they saw and the were able to visually understand the information.

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