Communication Design – Final Poster

My final poster was possible after a few adjustments to ensure that everything was in place. I referred back to my grid that I created at the beginning when doing this. I also had to ensue my poster was A2 size. It helped me understand the importance of space as well.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 21.41.34

I then exported the file as a PDF. However the poster here is actually a PNG as the blog wouldn’t let me post a pdf.

Where I've Been Poster

Overall I was very happy with the outcome of my poster. The poster has allowed me to demonstrate my knowledge about information design. I was able to refer back to my different studies such as the time and space, as well as the individual icons typefaces that was referenced. The poster represents an understanding about Flat UI design and how it can be applied to my question of “Where I’ve Been”. Despite not having that as my title, the information has been designed in a way that it is easy for both myself as a designer and the audience to understand. The colours used was also a very important aspect as it helped support the concept of the poster as being simple and bold.

Finally I believe the poster was a success and meets the criteria of the assessment as it demonstrates a wide understanding about communication design. This is reflected on the poster as it very self-explanatory. The only issue with it would be the fact it is target for English audiences due to the language used to illustrate.

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