Group Meeting

Our first group meeting was held shortly after the task was given to us and when sorted out a reasonable date and time to meet up. We decided that every Wednesday we’d meet up so that we could stay up to date on how each of us was progressing.

After a an extensive discussion of ideas from all parties, we were able to come to an agreement on the main concept of our web app as well as the job roles that each of us had.

Our idea was to create a web app that was targeted for the students. It meant we had to come up with something that was a common interest for all students, that being food.

We then discussed about how we were going apply database into the web app so thought of a few inputs such as ingredients, cuisines, difficulty and allergies.

To keep it short and simple my current role is mainly the visual aspects of our web design. Therefore I was assigned to look into CSS, HTML as well as Javascript.

We also decided that it was ideal to meet up once a week so that we could keep up to date with each of our progress and so that everyone was on the same page.

The group meeting turned out to be successful as we were able to map out our ideas and understand the roles in which each of us had. It also made me feel confident we would achieve this as we were in-sync with our ideas and ambition for this project.

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