Blog System

We’ve been asked to create a blog system to ensure that all our posts in the future is easy to understand and consistent.

We were then given several suggestions on how this can be achieved such as the use of bullet points, bold, italics, consistent text margins, tags, categories etc.


  • All text needs to be wrapped with a consistent margin.
  • All text should be align from left.
  • Important text and subheadings should be in bold.
  • References and names should be in italics.
  • Use bullet points to break down the steps.
  • Start each post with a summary.
  • End each post with a conclusion.


  • Image should be wrapped in the same margin as text.
  • All printed sketches and documents should be scanned and converted into an image for the blog.
  • URL of the images should be captioned underneath the image.


  • All relevant subjects should be tagged.


  • Categorise each post to the specific unit.

As of this post I will ensure that all future posts follow the guidelines that I have made. This will allow my blog to be consistent and look as professional as possible. 

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