Group Overview

My first thoughts about a collaborative project really excited me as I am always keen on learning and understanding how other people approach designs. When I first spoke with my group mates I knew that it wouldn’t be a problem in regards to work efforts as we all seemed very keen to make it happen.

After our first group meeting (which I blogged about earlier: I was left with a positive impression about our group. This was due to our approach towards the idea and how we were all able to come to an agreement about the project as well as the individual roles each of us had. This was also a positive as we were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses between each of us and therefore allowed us to decide which role was most suitable.

Communication was fairly easy as we set up a group chat on Facebook in which we used to arrange our first meeting. The chat would go on to be a tool that we used to share our ongoing works and ideas so that we were all up to date.

Overall I’m very pleased and confident that our group will be able to work well and create a successful web app.

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