Task 3 – Animated GIF

As part of my response for the animated gif task I decided to recreate my bouncing ball animation using my iPad. Therefore the this animation would be digitise.

Below is the outcome of my animation:


Overall I was very pleased with my outcome as I was able to recreate the same scenario as the hand-drawn animation. I preferred the digital version more as it looks smoother than the hand-drawn one. This made me realise that digital animation was something I was much more interested in doing.


Task 3 – Stop-Motion Animation

In this task we were asked to create our own stop-motion animation. In order to do this we had to sketch out a series of images and place them in a row on long piece of paper. We had to make sure they had 12 frames in order create a 12fps animation. I decided to do the bouncing ball.

Below is my outcome once I assembled it on imgflip.com


Overall I was very pleased with my animation of the bouncing ball. Despite it being such a short animation it was great way for me to get the taste of stop-motion animation. It also let me appreciate the hard work and effort it must have taken to create my childhood cartoon shows such as The Simpsons.