Seminar Group Photos

This is the FIRST task we received. The task was to gather as much of your seminar group together and go out and take pictures in the given locations. The more people and places we could get in a picture the more points we’d earn.

The task is intended to help us get to know our seminar group better. It also gave us the opportunity to test out different personal attributes.


My first group photo was at Boscombe. This was due to my late arrival as there was a misunderstanding of where everyone else was.


The second photo was taken at the Bournemouth Square and we were able to ask a very helpful man to take a photo of all of us


The last photo is at the Bournemouth Train Station in which the majority of us was fairly hungry and dying to run off to the ASDA near by.

Overall this first task turned out to be a fairly good way of getting to know my new seminar group. However due to the very few numbers turning up I guess we could say it wasn’t as effective as it could have been.