D4DME – WebApp Design Research

This post is about how I researched into the web app designs. To begin with I wanted to get an idea of the styles that were out there and which one would suit our idea. I wanted to make sure the design was quite modern and in trend.

I initially looked into Material Design which is the upcoming design platform for Google. It is a design that rationalises space, is bold and has continuity.


I thought that this theme would be ideal for our idea as it is very bold and clean. This allows the audiences to be visually attracted to the contents and avoid complexity.

My next step for the research was to look at live websites as well as sample websites using Pinterest.



Once we had an idea about the layout we’d like our website to be then we’d began looking at the theme of it. We chose the blackboard style theme.

Below are some glyph icons I found from Pinterest for inspiration.

11016655_10153207235449954_74622755_n (1)

In conclusion to the research I was able to share my findings with my team members whom were happy to accept and agree with my suggestions. It was important that the WebApp design research was taken into consideration as they would be used to build around our php later on.